Mardi Himal.. 5587m

Trip Introduction

Mount Mardi Himal, lies to less than fifteen miles north from Pokhara; which is the most southerly mountain around the Annapurna range. It is counted as the smallest; and most probably one of the rarely climbed or visited trekking peaks in Nepal. Around to this trek you will get the exquisitely beautiful mountain views, enchanting rivers and lusted green terraced fields. Mardi Himal trek takes you through beautiful woods, enthralling village valleys; and the cultural diversities are the main attraction of this trek.

Western mountaineers were first drawn attraction to Mardi Himal by the photographs of Basil Good fellow in 1953. However, it was not received its first ascent till to 1961. Jimmy Roberts, with two Sherpas, had first climbed to the summit from its west flanked route. This route itself was regarded as the South-West face route; and Robert's route is believed to be the only recorded route for the ascents. 

Excellent sceneries from the south, the mountain terminates the South-West ridge of Machhapuchhre as a distinct and separate view, looks at right-angled to that ridge. From some viewpoints it seems a little more outlier than the south-west flank of Machhapuchhre. On Mardi Himal's South-West face, there are, 

Three well-defined ridges rising from rock walls and separated by hanging glaciers, Mardi Himal's East Face is separated from Machhapuchhre ridge by a Col (pass) [approximately (circa) 5,200m]. Our trekking route to the ascent reaches this Col (pass) from a glaciated amphitheatre that rises above a hidden highland and the other sanctuaries; which is so called by Mr. Roberts. 

The peak represents a leading view of the Annapurna Range along with a spectacular vista of the Himalayas with Machhapuchhre peak. Despite its lowly latitude; the mountain obviously has a great deal of potential for those interested in small-scale analytical mountaineering and the ridges mentioned above present observable climbing challenges at a realistic posture

Day 01: Arrival Kathmandu airport and transfer to hotel

Meet and greet in kathmandu airport/transfer to down town hotel. Overnight stay in Kathmandu Hotel.

Day 02: Kathmandu full day.

Breakfast/city tour of kathmandu valley . We will apply for necessary permits prepare expedition & briefing.

Day 03: Drive to Pokhara tourist bus & transfer to hotel 

We leave kathmandu by early morning to Pokhara. Overnight stay in lodge at Pokhara.

Day 04: Drive to Phedi and then start trek to Pothana

Overnight stay in lodge at Pothana.

Day 05: Pathana -trek to Jungle camp

Overnight stay in lodge at Jungle Camp.

Day 06: Forest camp - trek Bhaisi Khark 

Overnight stay in lodge at Bhaise Khark.

Day 07: Bhaisi Khark - Trek to Mardi himal Base camp

Overnight stay in lodge at Mardi himal Base camp.

Day 08: Base cam - climb to high camp

Overnight stay in lodge at high camp.

Day 09: Summit Mardi Himal & back to base camp

Overnight stay in lodge at Summit Mardi Himal.

Day 10: Base camp - trek back to Jungle camp

Overnight stay in lodge at Jungle camp.

Day 11: Jungle camp - trek to Siding village

Overnight stay in lodge at Siding Village.

Day 12: Siding village - trek to Mardi Khola Bridge 

Overnight stay in lodge at Mardi Khola Bridge.

Day 13: Mardi Khola Bridge - trek to Hyanja & drive to Pokhara

Overnight stay in lodge at Pokhara.

Day 14: Drive to Kathmandu by tourist bus & transfer to hotel 

Overnight stay Hotel in Kathmandu.

Day 15: Kathmandu

Overnight stay Hotel in Kathmandu.

Day 16: Final departure


Cost includes:

  • Airport transfers - pick up and drop upon arrival and departure
  • Accommodation in Kathmandu and Pokhara as per package on bed and breakfast basis.
  • Trek permit and climbing permit/ garbage deposit
  • Necessary transportation for trip
  • Climber and fee/Insurance/climbing hardware
  • Tented camp support full board basis for climbing
  • Three times meal during the trekking (breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)
  • Guide, Cook, Kitchen staff, and necessary porters for climbing period.
  • Entire Expenses of Guide and Porters
  • Govt Tax and Service Charges 

Cost does not include: 

  • Airport transfers - pick up and drop upon arrival and departure
  • Nepal entry visa and airport tax.
  • All the bottled drinks and snacks.
  • All the personal gear i.e. Trekking boot, climbing plastic boot, warm cloths, sleeping bag, raincoat, suns cream etc.
  • Travel / medical insurance and emergency evacuation cost
  • Expenses of personal nature
  • Tips for members and climber


Trekking Peak Climbing

Mountaineering is another prime attraction of Nepal. The mountains of Nepal have stood as irresistible landmarks for the world’s adventures since Nepal opened its doors to visitors in the 1950s. Nepal having 1310 Himalayan peaks over 6000 meters offers joys of mountaineering in Nepal which can be combined with the pleasure of trekking Mountaineering can range from climbing the highest peak of the world to climbing lower peaks. Although by Himalayan standards 33 “trekking peaks” are considered minor peaks, they nonetheless provide snow and ice-climbing, and are technically quite challenging.

Climbing gears can be bought or rented in Kathmandu. Many of the mountaineering and trekking companies also offer packages, where they provide gear, food transportation, guides, and porter services and also arrange for insurance coverage. Knowledge of altitude sickness and acclimatization process is a must for every mountaineer.

Mountaineering beginners can enjoy trekking also with a combination of peak climbing mainly in Everest, Annapurna and Langtang regions. The most popular trekking peaks are Island Peak, Mera Peak, Lobuche East Peak, Pokalde Peak, in Everest region, Nayakanga Peak in Langtang region and Pisang Peak, Singachuli Peak, Tharpu Chuli Peak in Annapurna region. 


Climbing Permits for mountaineering Peaks and newly opened trekking Peaks of Nepal are issued by Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA). All mountaineering teams desires of obtaining a permit in Nepal, must submit an application in the form as prescribed by NMA. There are 18 peaks in the range of 6,500m and below, open for Alpine trekking under NMA. Every expedition has to be accompanied by a Climbing Guide registered with NMA. Peak Permits can be obtained through registered Trekking Agencies. It should be noted that detailed information and application for climbing permits are available in your operating agency.

  1. Permission may be climb the peaks will be granted for a period of one month only.
  1. Permission may be extended, if necessary, for another period of two weeks.
  1. The period of permission granted relates to time spent for climbing above the base camp. The trek to and from the base camp is not included.
  1. Application for climbing permit may be made at any time by the concerned Mountaineering team. Permit will be granted on a first come first serve basis.
  1. Each climbing party will be given a permit as prescribed by NMA reserves the right permission to another party for climbing the same peak during the same period.
  1. NMA will recommend to Immigration Office of HMG Nepal for obtaining trekking permit of the area to the team Members.


For 18 Regular peaks

1-4 Persons                US$ 350.00

5-8 Persons                US$ 350.00 and US$ + 40.00 per Person

9-12 Persons              US$ 510.00 and US$ + 25.00 per Person

The above mentioned climbing fee for the following mountaineering peaks.

  1. Hiuchuli                             6,441m                   Annapurna Himal, Pokhara
  2. Singu Chuli (Fluted Peak) 6,501m                   Annapurna Himal, Pokhara
  3. Mardi Himal                        5,587m                   Annapurna Himal, Pokhara
  4. Tharpu Chuli (Tent Peak)           5,663m                   Annapurna Himal, Pokhara
  5. Mera Peak                           6,654m                   Khumbu Himal, Everest Area
  6. Kusum Kangru            6,367m                   Khumbu Himal, Everest Area
  7. Kwangde Ri                          6,011m                   Khumbu Himal, Everest Area
  8. Imja-tse (Island Peak)     6,160m                   Khumbu Himal, Everest Area
  9. Khongm-tse (Mehra Peak)          5,849m                   Khumbu Himal, Everest Area
  10. Lobuje East                         6,119m                   Khumbu Himal, Everest Area
  11. Pokhalde Khumbu                5,806m                   Himal, Everest Area
  12. Pisang                      6,091m                   Manang Himal, Manang
  13. Chulu East                          6,584m                   Manang Himal, Manang
  14. Chulu West                          6,419m                   Manang Himal, Manang
  15. Paldor                               5,896m                   Ganesh Himal, Central Nepal
  16. Naya Kanga (Ganjala Chuli)       5,844m                   Langtang National Park
  17. Ramdung Go                        5,925m                   Rolwaling Himal, East Nepal
  18. Pharchamo                          6,187m                   Rolwaling Himal, East Nepal

For 15 Newly Opened Peaks

1-7 Persons                US$ 500.00

8-12 Persons              US$ 500.00 and US$ + 100.00 per Person

The above mentioned climbing fee for the following newly open Peaks.

  1. Mt. Cholatse                      6440 m                   Khumbu, Everest Area
  2. Mt. Machermo                             6273 m                   Mahalangur, Everest Area
  3. Mt. Kyazo Ri                      6186 m                   Mahalangur, Everest Area
  4. Mt. Phari Lapcha                6017 m                   Mahalangur, Everest Area
  5. Mt. Nirekha                       6159 m                   Mahalangur, Everest Area
  6. Mt. Langsisa Ri                   6427 m                   Langtang National Park
  7. Mt. Ombigaichen                6340 m                   Mahalangur, Everest Area
  8. Mt. Bokta                          6143 m                   Kanchenjunga, East Nepal
  9. Mt. Chekigo                       6257 m                   Gaurishankar, East Nepal
  10. Mt. Lobuje West                 6145 m                   Khumbu, Everest Area
  11. Mt. Larkya Peak                 6010 m                   Manaslu Himal, West Nepal
  12. Mt. ABI                             6097 m                   Mahalangur, Everest Area
  13. Mt. Yubra Himal                 6035 m                   Langtang National Park
  14. Mt. Chhukung Ri                 5550 m                   Khumbu, Everest Area
  15. Mt. Yala Peak                    5732 m                   Langtang National Park

Garbage deposit for all mountaineering and newly opened peaks

A Garbage Deposit fee of USD 250.00 payable to NMA is required to obtain permits for all 33 NMA peaks. Refunds on the Garbage Deposit shall be as per NMA provisions.


  1. The permit is valid for the period of one month only.
  2. The maximum number of persons allowed in a group is 12.
  3. For extending the permission, an additional 25% charge of the total amount of the initial fee will be made for each extra week.
  4. The leader or climbing member of the team must collect the permit in person from Nepal Mountaineering Association.


The power conferred by HMG Nepal. NMA has made the following rules to be observed for the climbing of the peaks of Nepal Himalaya. These rules will come force at once. Applicable definitions for these rules will be the same as those for HMG, Mountaineering Expedition Regulations 1984.

1.   Refund:

In the event of cancellation of the permission by NMA or the failure of the expedition to materialize due to some others reason the fee already paid will not be refunded.

2. Every individual or party granted a climbing permit shall be accompanied by a Sirdar or Guide, who must be registered with NMA.

3.   Insurance:

All employees going above base camp must be insured for personal accident to the value of NRs. 2, 00,000/- (Amended 1999)

4.   Nomination of Representative in Kathmandu:

Each party granted climbing permit will nominate representative in Kathmandu to act as liaison between NMA and the climbing party. The representative should be an organization registered with NMA. The nominated representative will be responsible for making necessary arrangements for the climbing party in case of accidents or any other unforeseen circumstances.

5. Submission of report:

On the conclusion of the climb and on return to Kathmandu the party will submit a report to NMA in the form prescribed in Appendix "4".

6.   Power to cancel the permit:

NMA may cancel or withdraw the climbing permit any time with or without showing any particular reason.

7. No-compliance of the regulation:

Where any trekking party acts in contravention to the climbing permit or indulges in acts of unsociable or outrageous behaviour contrary to the customs and culture of the people of Nepal. NMA may recommend to the HMG to take necessary measures in accordance with article 37 of Mountaineering Regulations 1979.

8.   Protection of Environments:

Base camp and other camps will be left perfectly clean at the conclusion of the climb. No foreign materials such as fix ropes, pitons etc. shall be left on the mountain. All rubbish and waste material must be burnt or otherwise disposed off.

9.   Revision of the Regulation:

Any article of this regulation may be revised or amended by NMA with prior permission of HMG/Nepal.


  1. To assist the climbing party with recruitment of porters and other staff, control of porters, local purchase of food etc. and to solve any problem that may arise to the best of his ability.
  1. To report to Nepal Mountaineering Association in case the party spends more than prescribed time limit in the Mountain.
  1. To ensure that the climbers comply with the term of their permit.
  1. To ensure that the climbers, (trekkers) follow the specified route.
  1. To report to NMA any infringement of the climbing rules.
  1. To ensure proper disposal of waste materials.
  1. To report any serious incidents to the nearest police post.
  1. The Sirdar/Guide will be employed from the day the climbing party begins the trek until the trek is finished.
  1. The Sirdar/guide will be provided with the following facilities:
  • Minimum daily allowance to be paid as per the rules of His Majesty's Government Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation.
  • Food and accommodation (tent/s).
  • Climbing equipment and necessary clothing if required to go above base camp.


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