Tsum Valley Trekking .21 Days

Countless sacred beyuls are situated close to the remote borderlands of the high Himayalas, secret valleys discovered by sacred people. The beyuls are taught to have been bent by Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava), a well-known spiritual leader who introduced and showed path of Buddhism to the Tibetans, Nepalese and Bhutanese in the Himalayas. These miraculous valleys are supposed to be havens of tranquility, affluence, theology and a sacred sanctuary for true seekers and believers. Tsum valley was named as Beyul Kyimolung in the 17th-century. It indisputably is one of Nepal's most beautiful valleys, which is secluded from the southern lowlands by deep forested gorges and cascading rivers, and from Tibet in the north by high snow-covered passes. It shelters 18 small villages and about 4000 people of the native racial group known as “Tsumbas”. They principally have Tibetan ancestry and follow Buddhism and Bon religions. It wasn’t too long ago when Tsum Valley allowed outsiders to trek within its territory in 2008. Because of this, along with its remoteness and inaccessibility, Tsum Valley and its people have deliberately kept away the commercial impacts and changes for centuries. As a result, its unique culture has remained largely intact. Since, it has not yet seen many visitors, this place offers there are only a handful of established facilities such as teahouses, hotels, stores or restaurants along the trail. However, there are some exciting and inspiring home stay programs inside Tsum Valley to allow the outsiders to take an insider look at the customary Himalayan lifestyles.

Tsum Valley Trekking..27 Days

Tsum Valley Trekking..27 Days

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27 Days 26 Nights


3700 Meters