Bhairav Kunda Trek..10 Days




There are many unexplored and unidentified trekking routes in Nepal waiting to be discovered.  Due to large concentration and overexploitation, there are only a few such trekking agencies that have taken risk to introduce new trek routes.  Bhairab Kunda is such less explored yet potential newly developed trekking trials with amazing views of giant Himalayans peaks and Mount Everest, Makalu and Annapurna ranges.

Bhairab Kunda is a popular Hindu pilgrimage destination of pristine nature unspoiled culture, blessed nature and hospitality both makes ideal trekking destination.  Although it is Hindu’s holy place, monasteries are also over there and you can enjoy Sherpa’s culture in Tamang’s community who follows Buddhism.

Bhairav Kunda - means in Sanskrit a holy lake named after a destructive name of lord Shiva the "Bhairav". The place "Bhairav Kunda" is located to the northeast of Kathmandu and next right to Panch Pokhari and closer to Nepal - Tibet border. Big fare take place at the site every year during June and July where hundred of Hindu devotees congregate to take holy dips in the water and pay homage to lord Shiva.

Bhairab Kunda is the one the best trekking destination, Dense forest of Pine, Rhododendron, Sal and Juniper is all around Bhairab Kunda. 

During the rest of our 10 days trip, we observe the different ways of life, culture and come in contact with the people in the small village, passing through the dense forestations and meadows. The top of Bhairav Kunda offers an excellent view of Rolwaling range, jugal Himal arrange and some of the Tibetan mountain as well. On the last day of the trip we take a bus ride back to Kathmandu from Larche or you can combine the rafting tour with this trek.

Key Information

Tour duration: 10 days

Group size: 1-20 People in a group.

Categories:  Trek

Best Season: February-June, September-November

Airport: Kathmandu.

Minimum altitude: 2100m

Maximum altitude: 4250 M

Average walk each day: 05-06 Hrs each Day Approx. 

Cost:  From US$ 650 PP / Euro 510 PP.


Day 01: Kathmandu [1400m] - Jalbire [1000m]

After breakfast we have a nice scenic drive of about 3 hours duration in which we can enjoy the mountain views! We head northeast on the road to Tibet to Balephi, which once used to be one of the main towns on the trade route to Tibet. The whole Balephi Valley is magnificent and from here we drive further on a dirt road to Jalbire for about one hour upstream to our first night camp at Jalbire. Jalbire is a lovely Newar village set on the banks of the Balephi River, where we gain an insight into the Newari culture and see the Hindu temple of Lord Bishnu.

Day 02: Jalbiri - Chanaute [1350m]                

Today we have about 4 hours of easy walking along a road to Chanaute. On the way we will pass through some small Tamang villages and a stunning waterfall. Chanaute is a small villages and home to Braman and Chettri people. Tonight we will camp by the school where we can relax and enjoy great mountain views!

Day 03: Chanaute - Khani Gaon [2000m]

We have about six hours of walking from Chanaute to Khani Gaon.  This is a more challenging day’s walk, with some steep uphill on small walking trails. We’ll be inspired though by the stunning villages, streams, and the excitement of passing local schools where we are quite an attraction! Khani Gaon is a Newar village, also known as Dalle Pokhari after it’s ‘cute lake’ tucked in a hollow near the school. On the middle of 18th century, before the unification of Nepal, there was a fight between Gorkha and Bhaktapur and the people of Bhaktapur fled here and eventually settled. Once again we have excellent mountain views at our campsite!

Day 04: Khani Gaon - Rest day

Today we get to relax, or explore the culture and tradition of this interesting and picturesque Newar Village.

Day 05: Khani Gaon - Forest Camp [3150m]

Today we have a steep walk up through the Rhododendron forest. We have about 6 hours of walking today and while harder than previous days, it is a great chance to take in the truly beautiful forests of Nepal. On the way we will see some nomad houses for cattle and if we are lucky we will see some wild animals and birds. Tonight we will get wild and camp in the forest.

Day 06: Forest camp - Pati [3765m]

Today also involves steep uphill climbing, so we take it easy on the way up and enjoy the surroundings! We ascend towards incredible views through pine and rhododendron forest. Having climbed for about 4 hours, we have plenty of time to relax when we reach Pati. We can enjoy taking in the glorious mountain views and check out the rest houses made for pilgrims taking the trek to the holy Bhairav Kund.

Day 07: Pati - Bhairav Kund [4250m]

This morning we have about a 1 hour walk up hill and then it levels out and we continue for about 2 ½ hours to our destination - Bhairav Kund.  Bhairav Kund is a stunning holy lake (Kund means ‘lake’) at 4250m. It is an important pilgrimage destination and once a year in June/July pilgrims come to pay their respects at the temple dedicated to Bhairav (the destructive form of Lord Shiva) and bathe in the holy lake.

Day 08: Bhairav Kunda - Bhairav Kunda top - Sherpa Gaon [2500m]

This morning we are up early to catch the sunrise! Our heart starter is an uphill walk of 1 ½ hours to the top where we are richly rewarded by magnificent views over Langtang, Jugal Himal Range, Rolwalling Range and the Tibetan Range. After this awesome morning treat we will trek down steeply for about 6 hours through stunning forest to Sherpa Goan.

Day 09: Sherpa Gaon - Larche [1500m]

Today is our last day of walking and we follow our trail down for about 3 ½ hours to the bank of the Bhote Koshi River and our destination of Larche. We will camp here and if we take a walk of about 30 minutes to the natural hot spring, we can take a hot shower and then relax back in camp!

Day 10: Larche - Kathmandu

Today we head back to the comforts of Kathmandu! We board our bus and it will take us about six hours through stunning scenery to drive back to Kathmandu.

Bhairav Kunda Trek..10 Days

Bhairav Kunda Trek..10 Days

Activity :

Moderate Trek




09 Nights 10 Days


4250 Meters