Nepal Royal Trekking ..05 Days

Are you retired or tired at your work but no idea how to relax or looking for beautiful weekend? Are you internally planning to discover a little family adventure not so far away from stay which is quite easy and safe but in the Himalayan foothills? Would love to explore UNESCO sites and a little Hiking for 4 days very easy walking through the bank of beautiful blue lakes, dense forest inhabitant of hundreds birds, hills from where magnificent panoramic views can be captured in your tiny camera in a very close distance and finally could bring pack lunch and small camping gears for few nights stay away from busy cities with your beautiful families or friends in a very low expenditure without any pre-planning! Then, here we have one of the most interesting trekking cum hiking route "Royal Trekking "waiting for your footsteps. Mother is hurry to welcome you in her cottage.

Pokhara is the third largest city in Nepal, and it is considered by many to be the most beautiful place in the world.

Situated next to Phewa Lake and cradled in the north western corner of the Pokhara Valley, in no other place do mountains rise so quickly. Within the 30 km area, the elevation rises from 1,000 m to over 7,500 m. That breathtaking rise has been the muse for spiritual inspiration and nature loving adventure seekers from around the world. The city also has a great live music scene, with plenty of eccentric bars and hotels, and a thriving nightlife scene. It's no wonder it is fast becoming the destination of choice in Nepal for travellers and expats alike.

Back in the 1980`s HRH Prince Charles visited Nepal and explored a short trek in the hills above Begnas Lake of Pokhara. Since then this has been known as "The Royal Trek ". 

The small excursion of 40 KMs of walking, broken approx. into 4 days of 10 KM each begins either from Kathmandu to Begnas lake before 20 KMs from Lakeside Pokhara or Fly to Pokhara and continue it. This short trekking holiday can also be easily extended to enjoy more of the magic of Nepal including a visit and jungle safari to world famous Chitwan National Park. It is ideal for couples and friends to enjoy privately and make the most of cultural exchanges and experiences along the way. 

If you are travelling in a small team, a home stay with families in the mountains this sounds like interesting idea though comfort in terms of accommodation and western meals cannot not be expected. Walking through the village sense of smell is overwhelmed with the smell of fish. Fishmongers are sitting on the ground hacking into their catches while the heads and guts is just piling up... it is pretty vile! We then have a minor assent on a stone laid staircase when hills and lakes provide a nice backdrop as well as huge Himalayans ranges on the left to right just ahead of you. 

Walking through the steep and the surface has a lot of loose rocks where you will have to pay much more attention going down the going up. Your momentum is pushing you off the mountain whereas going uphill you momentum is keeping you on it. You can observe out the various crops growing, the fruits, spices, potatoes, millet and rice even Marijuana grows here, in the wild. You can see leaves curl up in defence when you touch it, the leaf that makes a loud pop sound when you smack it in just the right way and another tree whose sap can be used to blow bubbles. As the trek continues, you will walk through the little villages where you realize that this is less touristic trekking zone. Kids would get excited and come running out saying Namaste (1st Greetings) with palms moving from together to open and upturned. Take regular breaks as the day progress. 

You get much more contact with the village people and the home stay host in this way. I suspect groups just stick together and talk to each other. To be fair you don't come to Nepal to meet western people and stick together with them. 

Further more. The trek covers altitude below 2,000 meters. This is a short popular trek that starts from Pokhara. Along the route, it offers good mountain views that can be seen are Annapurna Range, LamjungHimal, Manaslu and HimalChuli. Through the route, you can see Ex-Gorkhas and Gurung villages and more about the religion and religious people.


Royal Trekking in Pokhara..05 Days

Royal Trekking in Pokhara..05 Days

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