Ghorepani And Poonhill Trek..7 Days




Earlier, we have described about many different trekking routes in our trekking section including 3 cols to Simikot –Kailash trekking as well as Everest Base Camp from both part south and north from Tibet. Those trekking routes are challenging to alpine which requires perfect strength and prior high altitude experiences. Among the trekking trails, we have tried our level best to present some of the easy trekking routes for instant Ghorepani and Poonhill.

Ghorepani Poon hill trekking located in 3195 meters above from sea level lies in Annapurna Conservation Area Project of Annapurna trial in Western Nepal. The Annapurna region is an area in western Nepal where some of the most popular treks are located. The region is generally taken to include areas around the Annapurna Range (Annapurna Himal), the Dhaulagiri Range and the Kaligandaki River valley. Peaks in the Annapurnas include 8,091m Annapurna I, Nilgiri (7,061 m) and Machhapuchchhre (6,993 m). Dhaulagiri I (8,167 m) is just to the west of the Annapurnas, Most of these peaks are visible throughout the region on clear days. The Poonhil is most popular for sunrise and sun set view point from where you can see massif views of Annapurna I, stands at 8,091 m (26,538 ft), Mount Dhaulagiri, Machhapuchhre & more then 25 small peaks with 360 degrees panoramic views from far west to east just in apprxo.55 KMs in distance. While sun rising, mountain ranges are totally golden due to reflection which is incredible to observe in early morning, thus, we counsel you to trek from Ghorepani to Poonhill earlier then sunrise.

Starting from Pokhara to Nayapul or Phedi by private vehicle (2 hrs) depending on the traffic situation at the time of travelling, normally we start the trekking from Birethani Village just lies next to Pokhara – Baglung Highway. The entire trip / trekking trail is almost all ascending till Poonhill which can be completed in 3 days walking from Nayapul – Tirkhedhungda, Ullari, Ghorepani & Poonhill.

There are two section of this trekking as we will commence from Birethanti to Poonhill and then turn left to Tadapani –Ghandruk Village which is the real resident of varieties of flora and fauna form sub tropical to pine and you will grace by the heart touching blossoming rhododendron on your way. The Tadapani area offers the largest rhododendron forest in the world where you can experience hundreds of different of rhododendron. This segment is also the abode to copious wildlife like pika, blue sheep, snow leopards, tigers and Himalayan thar. Multiplicity of birds including multi –colored Impheyan, koklas and blood pheasants, offer you their natural beauty. In this region you will encounter with the Gurungs and Thakali people whose culture and religion is an examplorary of its kind in Nepal.

Simple trekking gears such as sticks, globes, sunglass, sport shoes, pair of trousers, shocks and water purifying tablets etc can be collected from Pokhara the starting point of the trek. The lodges and their tiny restaurant along the way, has a long experienced room boy and cook to prepare any types of dishes throughout the trekking. So, No camping gears and huge team is required now a days.

The trial through the thick forest also has to offer many small tea stall offering Masala tea / coffee/ Mineral water etc. The lodges has almost all modern facilities like hot water/ cozy Himalayan view rooms/comfortable beds with foam mattress, clean pillows, private bath ( somewhere), dinning with heating system and apple pie which is unforgettable indeed.

Hence, we suggest this trekking for beginners those seeking for Himalayan close views being not so far from the cities. At the end of the trekking, one can enjoy the naturally Pokhara situated in the lap of Mt.Fishtail and Phewa Lake. Still, there are many options missing to enjoy i.e, Chitwan National Park, Seti River raft, Kaligandaki Raft, Bandipur Village, Bardia National Park, Lumbini via Palpa City or extension your trekking to annpurna circuit, Annapuran Base camp from Ghandruk Village, etc. In fact, this is the gateway trekking of Jomsom, Upper Mustang, Tilicho Lake and Hot Spring / Dhaulagiri High pass….


DAY 0 1: From Kathmandu to Pokhara, the starting point, it takes about 35 minutes by plane or seven hours by bus. The tourist bus leaves from the north end of Kantipath around seven o, clock every morning.The bus to Beglung leaves from Bindobhasi, which is about 5-6minutes by car from the Pokhara airport, and arrives in Nayapul, the starting point of trekking, in about two hours. This means that, if fly in Pokhara from Kathmandu around noon and make it for the afternoon bus, you can reach Birethati within the same day. This times you ere going to take the morning bus in Pokhara.

DAY 02: We start our trip in thr morning by private transfer which passes phedi, where you will catch the bus on your return trip. It climbs up further to Naudanda. There is a check post here and your conservation permit will be checked. The bus then passes Khare (1646 meters) and Lumle and descends to the Modikhola. It soon arrives in Nayapul, with foure or five bhattis along the road. Start Trekking from where you get off the bus. Descend by the back of the Bhatti, cross the tributary Dholi khola using the suspension bridge, and you will reach Nayapul village. Follow then the level path along the left bank of the Modi khola. You will soon reach Ekuwar, where there are only Bhattis. Move on, and will see Birethanti (1037 meters) in front and come to the suspension bridge over the Modi Khola. Cross it, and you will be in Birethanti. There is even a three- storied lodge here. Lunch break here.

After lunch, move further interior along the tributary Bhurungdi khola, a small waterfall, and you will be in Matathanti. Descend to the River bank and continue on for while. Climb up then to the terraces, and you will reach Ramgure. When you ascend the path with stone walls, will arrives in Sudami with a school. A further ascend will take to you Hille. You will see Thirkhedhumga village (1577 meters) in the valley in front. Before long, you will be in the village that has many lodges. If you move on a little further, there is a suspension bridge over the tributary. Cross it, and you will fine a farm field on your right. This is the Campsite for today.

DAY 03: Today, you will climb on to Ghorepani. First, cross the suspension bridge over the Bhurungdi Khola, you will have to start a steep ascent to Ulleri (2073 meters) using continuous stone steep. This is the hardest ascent in this course. Keep on Climbing until you reach the             ridge, and you will reach a village, which has Lodges and restaurants. On the opposite bank, you can see Hiunchuli (6441meters) and   Annapurna South Peak (7219 meters).The ascent from Ullri becomes gentle. At the end of the ridge, turn to the left and enter the forested area. You will soon reach Banthanti, which has three lodges. Lunch break.The course from Banthanti goes through the rhododendron forest. Move on along the small stream, which is down below to your right, cross the wooden bridge to the left bank and to the open section on the flank, and you will be in Nagetthanti which has three lodges. As the forest becomes more dance, move on by the path with stone steps,and you will reach the lower village of Ghorepani, which is a hollow         with lodges.After climbing for about (15 minutes) you will come to the upper village (2855 meters)  where there are lodges and check post. You can see the Dhaulagiri himal in frontand the Annapurna  Himal            above you to the right. If you climb another hour and stand on poon hill, you will have a wider view. From the east to the west, Machhapuchre south peak, Annapurna 1(8091 meters) from the snow covered main right line. To the left, Nilgiri (7061 meters) looks like it is rising from the Kaligandaki River.In front, you will see the imposing Dhaulagiri 1, (8167 m.) it is accompanied by Tukuche peak (6920 meters) on its right. On its left stand Dhaulagiri 2 to V and Putha Hiunchuli (7246 meters), the       campsite will be the yard of the lodges.

DAY 04: After a visit to Poon Hill ( 3195 meters ) which is one of the excellent place to see the wide range of the mountains , ( about 2 hrs )We, you to descend to Tadapani, but if you schedule allows, you are strongly advised to spend a day in Ghorepani. You will be able to enjoy Dhaulagiri in the morning and Annapurna bathed in red in the evening. To reach Tadapani, climb the forested area, which is on the opposite side of poon hill. In mid-April, this area is a rhododendron flower.          From the forest, pass the right with a fine view, continue on the flank, and go back to the lean ridge again. Repeating small ascents and descents several times, you will reach Deurali. There are some Hotels on the pass. Descend from there along the stream, and you will soon reach Banthanti, which has severl lodges under the rock face. These lodge run by the villagers of Ghandrung. Lunch break.                       

After lunch, descend from the flank to the tributary Chorom Khola, cross it using the wooden bridge, and climb back on the flank. You will come to a pass in a forested area that is tadapani (2650meters). There are Hotels and you can camp in their court yard.  

DAY 05: Today’s journey is to descend all the way to the bank of the Modi Khola and climb up to Landrung Immediately below Tadapani, branch off the path descending to Kyumrung and follow the path on your right that descends gently through the forest. Keep traversing the flank         towards the right until the forest ends, and you will be in Baisi Kharka. Descend from there along the stream, get on the flank, and descend to a good-sized steam that comes down from your right. Move on along the steam for a while, go in the forested area on your right, and descend traversing the flank. When you see the valley along the Modi Khola, you will soon reach the upper end of Ghandrung village (1,951 meters). Follow the cobble-stoned path, and you will come to the village itself with about 150 houses and many lodges. This is a village           of the Gurungs, where the path to the Annapurna Sanctuary branches off. It is a good place for a lunch break.

On the opposite bank of the Modi Khola, you can see Landrung (1,646 meters), where you will spend the night today. To reach it, you will have to descend once to the bank of the Modi Khola, cross it using the suspension bridge, and climb up through the terraced fields. There is another path to the Annapurna Sanctuary branching off from Landrung. The campsite is the yard of the lodge at the upper end of the village.

DAY 06 : Today, you will cross over a pass, descend on the ridge, and spend the night in Dhampus. Starting from Landrung, traverse the flank, cross the tributary Tim Khola using the suspension bridge, and climb up on a big meadow. This is Mediagola and there is a lodge. The path continues on the flank and passes three hamlets called Thorka. Cross the suspension bridge over the stream flowing from the left and you will reach Beri Kharka with two Bhattis. Lunch break.After lunch, you will ascend the steep slope to Bhichuk Deurali, Zigzag up through the forested area to a solitary house. If you ascend further for about 20 minutes, there will be another house, which is a lodge. Both houses are within Beri Kharka. The steep slope continues through the forest. When the path starts traversing the flank to the right, you will soon reach Bhichuk Deurali (2,400 meters) and will have the view open towards Pokhara. Now descend the gentile ridge to Pothana. Keep descending the stone-stepped path along the stone walls, and you will reach Dhampus (1,799 meters). The campsite is the yard of the lodge, which is in the center of the village, commanding a fine view.

DAY 07 : Today, you will be back in Pokhara. Passing the lodges lined up on the ridge; descend along the stone steps towards the right. After reaching the level land, continue descending the stone steps, and you will come to the lower village of Dhampus. Down below in the valley, you can see the bus road, which leaves Phedi for Pokhara and also for Naudana zigzagging on the flank of the opposite bank. Follow the path in the forest and then descend the stone steps. After reaching the roadway, continue trekking, and you will reach Phedi in about 15 minutes. To return to the bazaar in Pokhara, take the bus on the regular route. If you take a taxi, you will be there in about 30 minutes. To go to the airport area or to the hotel or the lodge on the lake Phewa Tal, 40 minutes will be enough.

Ghorepani, Poonhill Trek..07 Days

Ghorepani, Poonhill Trek..07 Days

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