Ghalegaun Trekking..10 Days




Ghalegaun is a true microcosm of stunning natural beauty mixed with an unspoiled ethnic life style. "Ghales" the famed Gurung the legendary mid-hill people of western Nepal. Ghalegaun is a beautiful hill village which is It is being developed as an ideal rural tourist destination. Repository of unique Gurung (Tamu) culture. It is a totally unspoiled mainly Gurung settlement with more than 105 households. The people are Mongolian origin, of moderate height but with strong bodies. Gurung, a Tibeto-Burman based language, is the mother tongue of most of the people.

Located in the lap of the LamjungHimal, northwest of Lamjung District. Ghalegaun is approximately 205 Km from Kathmandu and 125 Km from Pokhara – the picturesque hill town of western Nepal. Perched atop a ridge at an altitude of 2016 meters and the main entrance point to the famous Annapurna Circuit. Ghalegaun is probably the only place which commands a superb breathtaking view of majestic western Himalayas including Machhapuchre (6693m) Annapurna (8091m), Annapurna II (7939m) Annapurna IV (7525m), LamjungHimal, Buddha Himal ((6974m), Himalchuli (6747m) and many more smaller peaks. From Ghalegaun you have a tremendous view across green hills and valleys belonging to 13 different districts.

Besides the scenic extravaganza of the peaks, the warm and sincere hospitality of the Gurung people is also bound to overwhelm the visitors. Here food items such as grain, vegetable, meat, milk, eggs, are all locally produced. The life-style of the village truly reflects an exotic living ethnic tradition handed down. The social life is replete with interesting rituals of life cycle; birth wedding, death etc. religious events and a lively cultural tradition of dance and music and it are well augmented by interesting local exotic handicrafts and utensils. Various photographs of religious, cultural, handicrafts and honey hunting. Ghanpokhara is a beautiful village heading towards development with a concept of eco-tourism. It lies in the close proximity of Ghalegaun at an altitude of 2100 meters. 

The rustic and traditional settlements, the ancestral home of brave GurungsGhalegaun lies in the Ghaleutterkanya Village development committee. The lane of roads are stone paved and clean. One can feel peace and harmony when one will be there. These days everyone is praising the place and also in these few years Ghalegaun has developed tremendously and the home stay. It has attracted many foreign as well as the domestic visitors. Ghale women normally wear blue and red attire, called ghalek and lungi and men were kachad, bakchu etc.. 

The approach to Ghalegaun-Ghanpokhara is a wonderful experience in itself as it goes crossing over the Marsyandi, Khudi and Midim rivers; passing through rhododendrons blossoming along the way amidst the chirping of birds and wild insects. The trekking route passes through dense jungle and villages and impressive waterfalls. Nearby Talyngo Lake and Lami Lake add new dimension to these attractions. Activities around this village including bird watching at Talangyolake, and visitors to the Utter Kanya temple, Pempro fall, Batase cave and the Khudi hydroelectric damsite.

Visitors to Ghalegaun-Ghanpokhara are welcomed with offering of garlands and tika while music and dances are performed and traditional farewell songs are sung when guests depart. Nepali New Year and Buddha Jayanti are celebrated with traditional dance called Ghatu. The people of Ghalegaun-Ghanpokhara keep goats and sheep and use wool from these animals to make woolen products. They make clothes and bags from nettle fiber (allo cloth) and scarfs, towels and shawls from the wool of angora rabbits. Ironsmiths make different iron products. Craftsmen produce a whole range of different products from bamboo.



Arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport at Kathmandu and transfer to the hotel by our representative.


After breakfast, full day sightseeing at UNESCO Heritage Sites. Sightseeing at Pasupatinath Temple, Swayambhu, Kathmandu Durbar Square and Bouddha Stupa

DAY3: KATHMANDU - KHUDI - 6 to 7 hours drive

In between Kathmandu to Khudi you can view spectacular sceneries like picture in canvas. Once you cross the Kathmandu valley, you will get an opportunity to see LangtangHimal and GANESH Himal en route. On your way, Trishuli river will follow on which you can take pleasure watching rafting. This makes your journey more exciting and restless. After Mugling, the next river Marshyngdi will follow till you cross Khaireni. On the way to Khaireni, you can see Marsyangdi Hydropower. 

You will reach to small beautiful town called Besisahar which is headquarter of Lamjung. Your destination is Khudi, therefore, you will left Besisahar behind and hike to Khudi. This place also known as from the name of DrHarakGurung because of it is the birth place of Late Dr. Gurung-a legend of Nepal. From this place you can see HiuchuliHimal, Dr.HarkaGurungHimal, and ManasluHimal etc. Khudi is the habitat of Gurung people.

DAY4: KHUDI - GHALE GAUN- 6 hours trekking

After breakfast your journey to Ghalegaun will start with new energy. After crossing the Marshyangdiriver you take a left turn and start to hike up the hill enjoying with stunning beauty of nature. The mountains which were seen from the Khudi become closer as you walk up. On the way to Ghalegaun many Gurung village are located; they are Sirung village, Thulo village etc. This day your lunch will be in Simpani- Thakali food.

After lunch, you will walk around Simpani village which consists of 50-60 houses and observe their culture and view beautiful landscapes and mesmerizing Himalayas. Surprisingly, a temple on the top of jungle lures you to explore the hidden treasure of the village. The travelers worship with flowers in the temple to wish for their successful journey ahead. Sometimes you can see leopard, bear, monkeys and other wildlife can be seen. After walking few minutes you reach to your dream village – Ghalegaun. 

This village Ghalegaun embodies 100 different types of houses with majority of Ghale and Gurung communities. The Ghale community was the first inhabitant in this village that is why, the name of this village derived formGhale. This village is designed tourist friendly; therefore, all the houses are very clean, nice accommodation facility and hygienic Nepali gastronomy for the guest. 

The villagers arrange the accommodation to foreigners by dividing the number of total tourists so that each house will get opportunity to host the guest. The foods that they provide are local production and pure organic which ensures the quality of food that you take. In the evening, local wine will served with music and dance together which gives you very homely environment. The local wine will help you to keep your body warm and energetic in such cold environment. Ghalegaun situated at the height of 2100m and it would be quite cold during winter season. During winter local people specially the male population transfer to Beshi-down the hill farming and to escape out from the cold weather. A beautiful and famous temple called Uttar Kaniya is located in north side of the village.

For the breakfast local made round bread, egg, local honey etc are available. After breakfast, the mother group of Ghalegaun will farewell putting garland on your neck and singing and dancing inviting you to visit the village again and again.

DAY5: GHALEGAUN - BHUJUNG -3 & 1/2 hours trekking

After crossing the village of Ghalegaun you reach to Bhujung which is easy, simple and shorter way but have tempt scenery and many beautiful typical villages on the way. A biggest school is located on your way which was built by tourists like you and hard working local people many years ago. That school is considered as the light of Bhujung.

The 300 houses of Gurung community made Bhujung alive. It is such a big settlement of Gurung people that you cannot see one corner of village from other corner of village, for this you have to go other side of village. The systems like GhaleGhaun are not available for accommodation but you can stay in one or two houses where 6 clean accommodation rooms with toilet are available. The meals item are also the same to Ghalegaun. In the evening you have enough time to sing, dance and to have fun with local people along with local wine.

In this region the Head Quarter of ACAP (Annapurna Conservation Area Project) is lies and from where you can see stunning waterfall. This village has electricity facility built by local people themselves under the micro hydro project. The other day, your farewell will be the same like you had in Ghalegaun wishing you nice journey onwards and inviting you to visit the village again by the local Mother's group.

DAY6: BHUJUNG - PASGAUN - 5 hours trekking

After breakfast, you take farewell from local people and move ahead towards your next destination. After a while village walk you gradually climb down the river BhujungKhola from where you take left turn crossing the bridge. On your gentle walking in farm you can see the great view of waterfall in close and walking some distance, you will immediately find yourself in Jungle where you will see and hear the roaring and barking wild animals which makes your safari exciting in the jungle. Throughout the way, there are no tea houses, therefore, packed food will be taken for lunch on the way. As you walk up the hill, you will reach at the top of hill where you will get good resting place and fortunately that point is the highest point of your trekking which is in the 2500 meter altitude.

From here you walk down and you will see many mountains and villages on the way. Finally, you will reach into Pasgaun village which again reminds you the Ghalegaun. There are 60 beautiful houses in this village. The majority of the population is from Gurung community.

DAY7: PASGAUN - PAKHRIKOT - 5 hours trekking

After the PASGOUN journey you again reach to the top point and start with new excitement to walk. After finishing the village you walk down in adventure path. You take lunch at Bagaiecha/ Garden where you can swim in the river and take rest for some time. Passing thru the beautiful villages, forests and amazing landscape you rich to Rabidada where you take some rest and move ahead to Pakhrikot. Reaching on Pakhrikot village, you will find Gurung community welcoming you with mesmerizing smile and garlands. Your overnight stay at Pakhrikot again reminds you the Ghalegaon due to similar hospitality of the people and arrangements of your meals and accommodation like in Ghalegaon. The trekkers to Siklish – a famous trekking also passes thru this village.

DAY8: PAKHRIKOT - THUMBIKOT - POKHARA - 3 hours trekking & 3 hours drive 

This is your last day of the trekking. After the breakfast you start trek to Thumbikot which is just down the hill from Pakhrikot. After almost walking 3 hours, you reach to Thumbikot from where you take bus to Pokhara for 3 hours. Your overnight will be in Pokhara hotel.

DAY9: POKHARA - KATHAMNDU - 7 hours driving

You drive back to Kathmandu collecting unforgettable memories of Ghalegaun trekking. It is 6 hours drive to Kathmandu. On reaching upon Kathmandu, you stay at Hotel.


Ghalegaun Trekking ..10 Days

Ghalegaun Trekking ..10 Days

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