Humla And Simikot Trekking..21 Days




In May 1993 the governments of Nepal and China reached an accord that allowed the first treks across the border between the two countries. While it had been a route for Nepalese pilgrims for years, foreign trekkers were never allowed to trek from Nepal into Tibet. The journey through Humla, Nepal's highest, northernmost and most remote district, is culturally and scenically rewarding. The people of northern Humla are Bhotias whose roots are in Tibet and who still enjoy the freedom to graze their animals on the Tibetan plateau. The upper HumlaKarnali Valley is also populated by Bhotias who trade extensively with Tibet in traditional ways that have totally vanished elsewhere. It is only near Simikot, the district headquarters, that you will encounter people of other ethnic groups, mostly Thakuris and Chhetris. A trip to Mt Kailas has always been regarded as a pilgrimage. It satisfies the romantic in us that the pilgrimage to Kailas is a difficult one. Whether you drive for seven days or walk for six days, it is still not possible to make a quick, easy visit to Kailas and Manasarovar. You cannot yet travel all the way to Kailash by helicopter or airplane. This is certainly as it should be.


Day 1: Fly to Nepalgunj

Day 2: Fly Nepalgunj to Simikot

Day 3: Simikot to Tuling

Day 4: Tuling to Kermi

Day 5: Kermi to Yangar

Day 6: Yangar to Torea

Day 7: Torea to Sipsip

Day 8: Cross the border, Drive Sipsip to Taklakot

Day 9: Drive Taklakot to Darchan

Day 10: Darchan to DamdingDonkhang

Day 11: DamdingDonkhang to JarokDonkhang

Day 12: JarokDonkhang to Zutul-puk

Day 13: Zutul-puk to Darchan

Day 14: Drive Taklakot to Sipsip, cross the border

Day 15: Sipsip to Torea

Day 16: Torea to Yangar

Day 17: Yangar to Kermi

Day 18: Kermi to Tuling

Day 19: Tuling to Simikot

Day 20: Fly Simikot to Nepalgunj

Day 21: Fly Nepalgunj to Kathmandu

Humla,Simikot Trek..21 Days

Humla,Simikot Trek..21 Days

Activity :

Demanding Trek Routes




3 Weeks or So


5500 Meters