Luxuary Nepal Tour..12 Days

You will be taken for a visit of the Hindu culture in Nepal, Pashupatinath. This is the place where holy saddhus pray and cremations on the Bagmati River are carried out. We then continue to the holiest shrine for the Buddhist culture in Nepal, Bouddhanath, with its large stupa, this is the place where all devout Buddhists come for a pilgrimage. Barely 10 kilometers south from the heart of Kathmandu, stands a small but graceful Bungamati village, which welcomes you with wide and open arms. The ancient village came into existence as early in the 7th century. If we turn the history pages, we'll find that the village was known as Bungamati, an autonomous province in Kathmandu Valley. Regardless of the rapid changes in lifestyle of the urban population and the globalize way of living, the Bungamati locals have remained untouched by modern waves and are living the life that they know best simply rural from the past several centuries.

Khokana, a small village having 640 houses with population of around 4471 people is situated in the Lalitpur of Kathmandu Valley 4 km from the Ring Road. For somebody to learn ancient Newari lives of Kathmandu and to enjoy Himalayan range seen from Kathmandu there could be no better place than Khokana. It is the beauty of its own kind. Khokana was once very popular for its large production of mustard oil. Ancient and worthy still enough to learn for the new comers having interest in typical Newari lifestyle. The culture, traditional house and people with the same traditional attire are another added attraction of this unexplored land. Houses are in such traditional style and architecture.  From working schedule to eating habits they have their own choices, which don’t match with other ethnic groups of Nepal.

After completion of these two spots, you will be taken take for a visit to Patan. Also known as  Lalitpur  , the city of beauty is separated from Kathmandu only by the Bagmati River and is the second largest town in the valley. Lalitpur is fragmented from other cities due to its substantive architectural ancient masterpieces. Patan’s central Durbar Square is absolutely packed with temples. It is an architectural center point with a far greater concentration of temples per sq. meter than in Kathamandu or Bhaktapur. Within the city also lies the Tibetan refugee center, home to most of the valley's Tibetan population. While technically refugees, the Tibetans are some of the wealthiest people in the valley because of the carpet industry they operate.  For those looking to bring home a fine Tibetan carpet, this is the place to shop. You will then go to Swayambhunath the golden spire of the 5th-century. Swayambhu stupa is adorned with a colorful fluttering of prayer flags. It crowns a hill overlooking the Kathmandu Valley and offers fantastic views over the city of Kathmandu. Swayambhunath is one of the most recognizable symbols in Nepal and the painted eyes of Buddha watch all who ascend the worn stone steps. Overnight stay will be at Dwarika Village.

Luxuary Nepal Tour ..12 Days

Luxuary Nepal Tour ..12 Days

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