Kailash Tour Via Simikot..17 Days

Simikot - Kailash Mansarovar Tour (17 Days – Simikot in / Zhangmu out)


Day 01: Kathmandu – Nepalgunj

Drive to domestic airport, fly to Nepalgunj the largest city in western Nepal bordering with India. Transfer to hotel. Nepalgunj is a densely crowded city and represents every possible ethnic group in Nepal. We head out back in time to explore this town.  There are Hindu temple and mosques, an interesting place to visit. Overnight with bed and breakfast.

Day 02: Nepalgunj – Simikot (2960 m) – Dhara Pokhari (2300 m)

Nepalgunj-Simikot flight operates early in the morning, so we must stay a night in Nepalgunj. This morning we take 50 minutes flight (218 km) north to Simikot, the headquarters of Nepal's most remote district, Humla. After meeting our crew, we set off on our trek, climbing up from the airstrip on a rocky trail past fields of barley and wheat. We ascend a forested ridge above the town of Simikot, before making a long steep descent past Dandaphoya. The trail is then fairly level, through walnut and apricot trees, until we come to the scattered village of Dhara Pokhari which is divided by the Yakba Khola. Overnight at the tented camp – Full board plan

Day 03: Dhara Pokhari – Salli Khola (2700 m)

Leaving our campsite, we cross a long scree slope and follow the river to a waterfall near the shepherds' camp at Chachera. We then climb over a ridge and bypass the village of Kermi before entering a big valley with walled fields of potato and buckwheat. After walking through a sparse pine forest we descend from the ridge to the Salli Khola and camp by the river. Overnight at the tented camp – Full board plan

Day 04: Salli Khola – Muchu (2920 m)

We cross the river and climb over a rocky ridge before descending to the grey waters of the Humla Karnali. After crossing another ridge we come to a sandy meadow where goat herders often camp by the river. Beyond the meadow the valley narrows and we cross several more ridges, passing the villages of Yalbang and Yangar. The trail then winds its way precariously above the river before we cross a suspension bridge to the village of Muchu. Overnight at the tented camp – Full board plan

Day 05: Muchu

Today is a rest day which we'll spend in and around Muchu, exploring the village with its stone houses and gompa. Overnight at the tented camp – Full board plan

Day 06: Muchu – Yari

From Muchu, we follow the trail over a ridge to the Tumkot Khola and then walk along the rocky stream bed for a short distance before beginning a steep climb through a rock-filled gully. We pass through Palbang and its bright yellow mustard fields to the small settlement of Yari and beyond here the route climbs up the valley towards a pass, the Nara Lagna. We camp below the pass in a meadow known as Sipsip. Overnight at the tented camp – Full board plan

Day 07: Yari – Hilsa (3720 m)

From Sipsip we ascend steeply to a rock cairn marking the top of the Nara Lagna (4580m. Descending from the pass, we have views of the Tibetan Plateau before arriving at the village of Ranipauwa. Beyond here, we slip and slide on a surface of loose pebbles down to the Humla Karnali Overnight at the tented camp – Full board plan

Day 08: Hilsa – Taklakot (3930 m)

Shortly after crossing the Nepal/Tibet border which is marked only by a stone pillar, we meet our transport and drive via Khojar Nath (Temple of Rama, Sita and Laxman). Taklakot is the large trading centre of west Nepal Tibet border.

Overnight at the tented camp – Full board plan Early morning transfer to airport and helicopter flight to Hilsa. After immigration formalities drive 60 km to (Taklakot) Purang (3770 m). Overnight in tent.

Day 09: Taklakot – Manasarovar Lake (4558 m)

Today you will be sent to the highest lake of fresh water with turquoise complexion in the world is full of fishes and swans. Holy Kailash Parbat, Mt. Gurula-Mandala, Lake Rashekshi are lying on its surrounding. The region is considered rich for gold and other mines, hot springs and hundreds of wild living creatures. Night will be spending at Chu Gumba. Overnight at the tented camp – Full board plan

Day 10: Manasarovar – Darchen (4600 m)

Manasarovar is the lake of compassion, tranquility and bliss. After completing the memorable morning Bath and Puja we will be heading towards Darchen. It is considered as a base camp for the Holy Kailash Parikrama. Overnight at the tented camp – Full board plan

Day 11: Darchen - Dehara Puk (5000 m)

It is one of the exciting days walking along the beautiful rocky cliffs; water falls with some clouds in the clear blue sky make you feeling that Great God Shiva is every where with tons of blessing to you. Time to time the face of Kailash Parbat will be kept on appearing. For 15 km trail it takes almost 7 hrs. Overnight at the tented camp – Full board plan

Day 12:Dehara Puk – Zuthal Puk

Yamasthal should be crossed to reach the Shiva-sthal while your steps go closer to the pass. Once you reach the top, just do the holiest offering and sit down for meditation to forget you. Once your steps go down, Parvati-stal and Gauri Kunda are on the way. By the late afternoon you will arrive Zuthal Puk (the cave of Miracles. The great ascetic Milerappa is supposed to have performed miracles here). Overnight at the tented camp – Full board plan

Day 13: Zuhtal Puk – Manasarovar Lake  

End of Kailash Parikrama and drive to Manasarovar Lake. After walking 3 hours, all the driving crew will be waiting your arrival. By the late afternoon you will be at your lodge/camp. Overnight at the tented camp – full board plan

Day 14:Manasarovar – Paryang

Drive to Paryang (277km) 6-7 hrs. Overnight at guest house – full board plan

Day 15:Paryang – Saga

Drive Paryang to Saga (185km) 6-7 hrs Overnight at guest house – full board plan

Day 16:Saga – Nyalam

Drive to Nyalam or Zhangmu (296km) 6-7 hr. Overnight at guest house – full board plan

Day 17: Nyalam – Kathmandu

Drive to Kathmandu (163 km) 9-10 hr. Overnight at the hotel – BB plan


Kailash Via Simikot..17 Days

Kailash Via Simikot..17 Days

Activity :

Adventures Trips




2-3 Weeks


5700m/18696 ft at Camp II

Simikot,Kailash ,Lhasa..27 Days

Simikot,Kailash ,Lhasa..27 Days

Activity :

Adventures Trips




3-4 Weeks


4500 Meters