Round Annapurna..14 Days



DAY 01:Arrive in Kathmandu and transfer to the hotel in Thamel, touristy city offering numerous bars, shops and restaurants and an instant taste of Nepali life. In the evening over dinner, there will be a tour briefing.O/N Guest House

DAY 02: Kathmandu -Nagarkot (38km with 650m altitude gain)

After an early morning breakfast in Kathmandu, we ride due east to the medieval town of Bhaktapur. Bhaktapur is an ancient city, full of Newari culture. There are many temples and squares here that we will have time to explore. From here we head northeast to Nagarkot on tarmac road. We gradually climb approx 20km to Nagarkot, on the valley rim, passing steeply terraced farmland and houses that seem to be clinging to the hillside. When we reach the summit we will be able to see the Himalayan mountain range and on a good day. O/N Hotel

DAY 03: Nagarkot-Shanku-Boudhanath-Kathmandu/Sleeping Vishnu (34 - 40km with 650m. descent)

The day starts with an exciting descent on Jeep tracks. We pass through many rustic villages, Himalayas in the right on clear day! We reach the beautiful ancient village of Shanku. From here we are on tarmac road towards Boudhanath Stupa, here we will have lunch and then ride back to Kathmandu or ride towards (Budhanilkantha) Sleeping Vishnu temple and then to Thamel. O/N Guest House

DAY 04:Drive to Besi Sahar.

Preparation for the tour, arrange Porters, Equipments etc. O/N Guest House

DAY 05:  Besi Sahar to Taal - Rideable: 70% Altitude: 760m—1700m Distance: 37km

Approx 2km of sealed road starts the race along Besi Sahar Main Street. The trail soon turns to rough jeep track, and follows the course of the Marshyangdi River along the left side of the valley. After approx 25 km the jeep track runs out and from then its 11km of mainly push and carry up steep rocky climbs with a final 1km descent into the flat valley surrounding Taal. O/N Guest House

DAY 06:  Taal to Chame Rideable: 33% Altitude: 1700m—2570m Distance: 21km

Leaving Taal, there is a Mani wall (dry stone wall inlaid with Buddhist prayer slates) in the middle of the path. These should always be passed on the left. After going by fields of maize, barley and potatoes, the valley becomes narrow again. From Taal to Danaqu it will involve a large % of push / carry with a very steep hard climb out of Danaqu. From here though it becomes more rideable with closer views of snow capped peaks and a wide flowing trail to the finish.After a hard days work to reach Chame, competitors can relax by the hot springs on the other side of the Marshyangdi Khola, enjoy the fares at the bakery, or even email home from the internet cafe.

DAY 07: Chame to Manang Rideable: 75% Altitude: 2570m—3540m Distance: 33km
The route today takes competitors through a dense forest in a steep, narrow valley and crosses a river via two bridges, one at 2910m and then another at 3030m. The trail continues along the river to Pisang, where the altitude is enough to bring on the first symptoms of altitude sickness or AMS. From Pisang, the route follows a wide valley that opens up ahead of us. Competitors will pass through Humde (the highest commercial airport in the world) and Braga with its Gompa and roots in Tibetan religion. A cliff face obscures Manang until were practically upon it and a final steep climb brings us to its prayer wheel lined streets and stunning scenery. O/N Guest House

DAY 08: Rest day in Manang

It is necessary to spend a resting day in Manang for acclimatisation purposes. To ascend too rapidly could have potentially fatal consequences. There are many short excursions possible from Manang and remaining active is encouraged to aid acclimatisation.  A Downhill event has been scheduled for the rest day in Manang- details will follow shortly. O/N Guest House

DAY 09: Manang to Thorong Phedi Rideable: 68% Altitude: 3540m—4450m Distance: 22km

the race leaves Manang through narrow, medieval looking streets and then climbs steadily up to Khusang. Although the trail is more rides able above Khusang (3900m), the altitude now takes effect making turning those pedals very hard work. For the majority of the international competitors it becomes a slow hard slog up to Thorong Phedi with an added bonus of having to cross a steep scree landslide area in the final 2km. O/N Guest House

DAY 10: Thorong Phedi to Kagbeni Rideable: 93% Altitude: 5416m—2800m Distance: 22km

A 4am start is necessary to cross the Thorong La: the trail can get windy later making it difficult to cross the pass. It will take approximately 4 hours to reach the top (approx 3km) and will be 100% carry for bikers. The effects of altitude are now fully felt and the majority of international competitors will be unable to move at anything but a snail's pace. Once at the top, the trail descends rapidly on a very steep slope (technical riding) for approximately 45 minutes to Muktinath and then on a less extreme gradient on fast, wide flowing trails to the valley floor, where we will be greeted by the medieval village of Kagbeni, last stop before entering Mustang. O/N Guest House

DAY 11: Kagbeni to Tatopani Rideable 100%: Altitude 2800m - 800m: Distance 92km 

Today we will descend from snow capped peaks to tropical lowlands in just over 90km. Leaving Kagbeni the trail follows a wide and flat river bed leading into the cobbled streets of Jomsom, with its bustling markets and airport. The trail then follows rough and rocky jeep tracks, descending through villages such as Marpha, and Khopang. O/N Guest House

DAY 12: Tatopani to Kanya Ghat Beni and Drive to Pokhara

As we descend the temperature increases and the trail becomes less rocky. From Beni the final 15km is along an undulating track that follows the course of the river and passes through paddy fields, lined with banana plants. Once at Khaniya Ghat we have rejoined the sealed road we left 230km ago and a bus will be waiting to transfer us to Pokhara (approx 2hours) O/N Guest House

DAY 12:Rest Day O/N Guest House

DAY 13:Pokhara to Kathmandu O/N Guest House

DAY 14:Departure


Round Annapurna..14 Days

Round Annapurna..14 Days

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13 Nights 14 Days


5416 Meters (17769 Feet)