Bike around Bhutan..10 Days


Bike around Bhutan..10 Days

Cycling is an all-time favorite sport for many no matter the season or weather as it does not hamper the wish of an adventurist. Although Bhutan offers various adventures, cycling is one activity that takes you to see Bhutan’s untouched pristine nature through the rugged terrain


Day 1 Flight to the mystical kingdom of Bhutan will leave you awed all through your journey. Bhutan is the only country in the world where an International Airport is surrounded by mountains on all sides.  It takes a courageous heart to land in the narrow Paro valley and some of the flight path from Kathmandu takes you along a scenic view of the Himalayan mountain range including the world's tallest mountain Mount Everest.

Upon arrival and completion of the visa formalities at the Paro International Airport, you will be welcomed and received by our representative.  During this day you will have the chance to visit the National Museum, the ParoDzong and the sacred temple KyichhuLhakhang.

Day 2 –Paro–Thimphu (60 kms approx.)

We will begin our biking expedition from Paro and head towards Thimphu.  Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan, is situated at the altitude of approximately 2370 meters. The bike ride will start from the winding road of Paro, following the Paroriver to the confluence where it joins with the Thimphu river.Today we will be experiencing cycling on one of the quietest and wider roads of Western Bhutan. Overnight in hotel in Thimphu and a short brief will be provided for the next place of visit by your guide.

Day 3 – Thimphu  (Day trip)

After breakfast, we start our journey to Tango.  It is only a short 18 kilometers north of Thimphu, however it will be slightly uphill making it a bit of a challenge and some of the roads towards the end are unpaved.  A short hike to the monastery is recommended as part of the tour. A picnic lunch will be served at the base of the Tango Monastery besides the crystal clear river.  The later part of the day will be spent cycling to Buddha's point or the BBS radio tower station, both offering a spectacular view of the capital.You can stroll around the town during the evening or take a walk to view the National Memorial Chorten lit up.

Day 4 – Thimphu- Punakha (75 Kms approx.)

After breakfast we will take on the toughest challenge of the tour.  The climb up the west side of the mountain takes us from an elevation of 2370 meters to 3100 meters at Dochu La pass.On a clear day, theGangkharPhunsum in the Himalayan range can be seen towards the North East.  At the pass are 108 monumental chortens and the hillsides are covered in fluttering prayer flags.Lunch is served at the Cafeteria near the pass. After lunch, we will have a very easy trip descending down into the sub-tropical valley of Punakha, the winter capital of Bhutan.  Be sure to check your brakes before making the descent as we will be losing about 1800 meters of elevation during the 37km down-hill trip.  Upon reaching Punakha we will visit the PunakhaDzong which is one of the most beautiful Dzongs in Bhutan situated at the confluence of the Mo Chhu and Pho Chhu rivers.

Day 5–Punakha (Day Trip)

Do you want to feel you are in heaven? Biking towards the KamsumYuelley you will discover that is like no place on earth. Located on ridge above Punakha valley at a distance of 3 kilometers it  will take approximately 30 minutes to reach the base. KhamsumYuelley Monastery is built by the present Queen Mother AshiTsheringYangdonWangchuck. It is an hour’s hike from the base to the monastery. A picnic lunch will be served.

Day 6- Punakha- Wangdi (15 kms)

Today, we proceed south approximately 11 kilometers to Wangdiphodrang, the town in the Central Bhutan which is famously known for basket weaving and slate carving.   Along the way to Wangdiphodrang, we will visit the fertility temple ChimiLakhang.   The majestic fortress called WandiphodrangDzong used to be perched on the ride but was razed to ashes in June 2012.  Although there is not much to see in the town, you can witness the day-to-day life of the people and perhaps find a woven basket from one of the shops.

Day 7 – Wangdi-Thimphu( 90kms. Approx)

A bike back up over Docho-La pass would be quite difficult due to the long ascent so our bikes will be loaded onto a vehicle and we will drive back to Thimphu.  We will spend the rest of the day visiting attractions in Thimphu.  We will visit the textile museum, the folk heritage museum and the National Library which holds a vast collection of ancient Buddhist manuscripts.  At the School of Traditional Arts and Crafts we can see sculpting, painting, slate carving, wood carving and other related arts.  Thimphu also has a paper factory in which Daphne and Edgeworthia shrubs are turned into paper using a manual process.  A very nice place to visit in Thimphu is the post office to view and purchase Bhutanese postage stamps which are sold at face value; these stamps are great for collectors because of their beauty and have won many awards.

Day 8– Thimphu- Paro (60 kms approx.)

We will spend the day biking back to Paro along the same road we travelled six days before.  You can explore the village today on foot and watch some archery being played at the Paro Archery Grounds. 

Day 9 – Paro (Day trip)

Morning drive to the trail route of the famous TaktshangLhakhang, “The Tigers Lair”. Clinging to a black rock face, 900 meters above the valley floor, nestles TaktshangLhakhang, one of the holiest and the most beautiful site of Bhutan.  Taktshang, the tiger’s lair, acquires its name from the legend of its foundation, when in the 8th Century Guru Rinpoche, widely revered as the second Buddha, arrived from Tibet flying across the mountains on the back of a tigress. He meditated at the site for three months, from where he used the religious cycle of the Kagye to subjugate the Eight Categories of Evil Spirits, and thus converted the region to Buddhism. Lunch will be served at the Cafeteria.After lunch, we visit the DrugyelDzong, a ruined Fort, which once defended this valley from the Tibetan invasion. This fortress, now a burned shell, was once strategic in Bhutan’s defence against the Tibetan invasion. Complimentary hot stone bath after the hike. And we will organize a small teaching on Buddhism to relax your mind.

Day 10 – Drive to Paro International Airport for your onward journey.  See off by our representative.


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